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Hey Product Hunt ????, I’m glad to be in the Maker seat for the first time and I want to present to you a new awesome product, which can help you save your time and solve your marketing budget issues. ????

In addition to development, I was engaged in entrepreneurship, and very often I had to do messaging to keep in touch with customers, inform them about updates related to their order, and also provide the best offers to my loyal customers. All this time I have been using SMS or email, which have always seemed to be a nonmodern, expensive and unreliable method for mass distribution.

Even using the highest quality messaging services, about 10-15% of SMS still did not reach the recipients. Resending messages several times did not help either ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
In fact, out of my monthly messaging budget of $100, I was losing about 10-15% ????.

As a result, I decided that it is much cheaper and more reliable for me to send messages directly from my personal device to interact with my clients. This method had a main disadvantage: it took too long and was too repetitive????
And there was no solution to completely automate this process for Apple device users.

????From idea to release
A year ago, one person contacted me on social networks and told me about his problem with the messaging list. He said his company had about 50 thousand clients from different countries that used iOS and macOS devices, and they spend very large budgets on SMS distribution services. Many of these SMS do not reach the recipients, which is a significant problem. They were then interested in the question, is it possible to send messages via iMessage, and somehow automate this process?
Since then, I created an idea to develop a product that will help people simplify the daily routine of sending messages. During development, we were repeatedly contacted by friends who use WhatsApp and Telegram for their messaging, so we decided to try to automate the sending process in these messenger apps as well.

✅ At this point, the product is ready!
– This is a 100% native macOS app with a minimal UI and maximum performance ????
– App is built to run on Catalina 10.15 and later.
– Sending will be done on your device from your accounts in iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
– LoopMessage app will not ask for passwords from your messengers, so you can be sure that your accounts are safe.
– Also, you can send regular SMS from your Mac. Note that SMS is sent from your device based on your cellular provider rates.

????LoopMessage offers great user data privacy
– App stores all data only on your device, without using external servers.
– You can deny access to the phone book and use only internal contacts in the app. Thus, your personal contacts will not be known to the app.
– If you have allowed access to the phone book, the app will work only in Read-only mode with your Phone Book. The app will never make changes to the Phone Book since the main goal of the application is to distribute messages without making changes in contacts.

????What are the benefits of using LoopMessage for bulk distribution?
– By sending messages via iMessage, your customers will receive authentic blue chat bubble messages with modern previews.
– You can send a message via iMessage by specifying the recipient’s e-mail. If he has an iCloud account created on this mail, he will also receive a message.
– If you need to send messages to recipients in different countries, now you don’t have to worry about roaming for SMS, since messaging via iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram does not depend on your cellular provider.

???? Who using our product?
– iOS/macOS-only app owners. This way, they have a 100% relevant audience of users who already have iMessage installed. For other platforms, they can send messages via WhatsApp or Telegram.
– People who provide personalized services and need to be in touch with their clients. For example, teachers, fitness trainers, consultants are those who need to constantly stay in touch with their audience and send messages every day. Previously these people spent several hours a day on messaging, but now they can do it in 5 minutes.
– Business owners who are constantly trying to notify their customers about product updates, new sales, and promotions, or any other event that may be of interest to their audience.

???? We want your feedback!
We are just getting off the ground and have a lot of plans for implementing new features in the app. Additionally, we are interested in collecting your feedback about LoopMessage.

For Product Hunt users we also offer an additional discount ????
Please note, that the promo code is limited and only works for the first 50 users!

Let us know what you think! ????

– Andrew Konovalskyi




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