SpaceCasts — Clubhouse rooms and Twitter Spaces in podcast form

@brianmcc and I have been hosting experimental Clubhouse Rooms and Twitter Spaces for a few months discussing segments from his Techmeme Ride Home show.

This filled a need for me since ever time I listened to his show, I wanted to go deeper into the day’s tech news — but wasn’t sure how to do that. After a few iterations, we soon realized that our conversations were of interest to a broader audience and started publishing them to the Techmeme Ride Home feed. Soon, it became clear that these shows were somehow just as — if not more — popular than the daily shows. There was something here!

After we talked to other folks like @mattnavarra and @martinsfp who’d been hosting their own quality rooms and spaces, we decided that there was too much value in these conversations to let them only remain accessible to those who could show up for the live experience. We shared our tips for how to record these live, social audio experiences and then offered to aggregate them into a collected feed — and thus SpaceCasts was born!

We’re still exploring what works here — but rather than waiting for the platforms to launch proper recording and syndication, we’ve decided to rush ahead and see if we can help nudge their strategy in this direction.

We’re eager to help and work with other folks who are convening brilliant conversations on social audio platforms and who may be either intimidated by, or simply not be interested in, setting up their own bespoke podcasts. It’s a heavy lift to get any podcast off the ground, and so we’re levering Brian’s background and expertise to accelerate this process.

If this sounds like you or someone you know and you think they should contribute a SpaceCast, have them submit here:

And if you want a taste of what you can expect, here’s a recent episode in which we discussed the Streaming Wars and Tesla!

Hope you guys love it!

– Chris Messina




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