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Hi Product Hunt!

I am Gordon, co-founder of Spot. As a kid, some of my most meaningful relationships and experiences were forged through online gaming (UO anyone?). A big part of this wasn’t necessarily the game itself, but was instead the sense of place and community afforded through the shared environment.

As an adult, many of my most meaningful relationships have come from my work environment. When working remotely or in a distributed setting, however, I find this not to be the case. Existing tools such as Slack and Zoom simply don’t cut it. Individual productivity may benefit, but the connection to coworkers is fundamentally lacking.

As a leader and someone who has founded and built a large company, I have experienced first-hand how critical it is to have a highly engaged team. This affects everything from communication to culture and company values. Moreover, there is a lack of innovation that spontaneous whiteboard sessions and more fluid communication styles afford.

Spot is the culmination of a year of research and development to recreate a highly engaged workplace with smooth and natural interactions. Spot is a lightweight virtual office that enables the highest performing organizations and communities to communicate more effectively and increase engagement. (Not to mention, it is also a lot of fun!).

Today, for Product Hunt users, we have turned on self-signup for the first time ever! Please give it a shot and invite your team or friends and let me know what you think!

– Gordon Hempton




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