Venus Design System — Design system with 2000+ components & 250+ styles for Figma

Hey Product Hunt,

I’m Fredy Andrei, the Founder of Simmmple. Today I’m excited to introduce our new product, Venus Design System, a complex & premium design system tool witch comes with more than 2000+ Components states and more than 250+ Global Styles for Figma! ❤️

The main idea of doing this tool was to help designers & developers reduce hours of time wasted wireframing and building UI projects. Venus Design System will increase cohesion, collaboration, and focus your creativity where it matters!

We realized these ready-to-use components can help you to make a premium project very quickly.

While designing Venus, there were a few things we knew we had to get right:

• Making sure it was easy for anyone, not just designers, but for developers to learn and use
• Connecting Venus with Figma features like Variants, Auto Layout V3.0 & many other cool features (we’re just getting started here!)
• Make Venus as a library of UI components and styles to help you use them & deliver your work faster
• Keep Venus design consistent, accessible and well-documented

For the moment, Venus comes just in Figma Version at $99 for Freelancer license, but we are working and we plan to launch Venus as a React Library to be more useful and to be easier to bring the design to life.

Today, we’re rolling out Venus’s first version to everyone. Our team already has ideas for how we’ll continue to evolve this new product, but we’d love to hear yours as you start playing in Venus with your team.

Also, we are giving a special 20% discount for Product Hunt friends! (use code at checkout: producthunt)

If you have any questions about Venus, drop them below and our team will get back to you.

– Fredy Andrei




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