Zospace UI Kit — Create cosmically awesome Tailwind templates in minutes

Hello everyone!

Creating beautiful Tailwind CSS templates isn’t rocket science, but we have a cosmic design for you! ????

Zospace UI Library is an elegant combination of dark colors and stunning details that will take you on a journey to the stars! With Zospace, you can present any brand as confident, reaching for the highest goals.

We made sure that our Tailwind CSS components are ready to use and user-friendly. They don’t require much effort from you to customize the site to your needs. You can create a beautiful layout in minutes using our drag & drop editor.

We hope that the cosmic depth in this design will charm you! ????

Try Zospace for Tailwind CSS →

Also, we have improved the Zeus UI Library.

Some of you may already be familiar with it. From now on, you can use it using Bulma CSS, which means it’s our first library available in three technologies! If you don’t have a favorite CSS framework yet, you can try Zeus UI ⚡️ for Bulma, Bootstrap, or Tailwind CSS and choose the best technology for you!

Thank you for your attention!

– Dawid Andrzejewski




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