AstroRelay — A secure tunnel for remote accessing your device

Hi there ????,

We made ????‍????AstroRelay???? beta available now, with the first 1GB of DATA FREE for all users. Please sign up and give it a try:

It’s a secure tunnel???? for remote accessing your devices????????. If you like it, please feel free to share with your friends online????????.

AstroRelay is the secure ????relay solution that lets you create a public URI for accessing your local resources????????, even in 4G LTE networks and behind NAT! It supports multiple services like remote SSH????, remote Raspberry Pi????, remote desktop????, remote access local web servers, etc. AstroRelay is a secure reverse proxy that relays the data without modification. Our relay solution is like a truck ???? or ship????, transferring products while keeping them safe ????and sealed inside.

Need help setting it up? No Problem, here is a link to your Video Guide:

You can provide us with feedback at or via our Facebook page:

We value your opinion to help make AstroRelay???? the best possible secure connection ????to your device????. Please give it a try for free with 1GB of data on us, and enjoy what you see please share and subscribe to help spread the word.

AstroRelay Team????‍????

– Michael Choi




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