DRIP by DIGITALAX — Mod your way into metaverse fashion & gaming

Hey everyone, this is a really unique launch we’ve done. I think you crypto fans will find this especially exciting.

Physical items are purchasable in fiat, so there is no barrier to entry for non-crypto natives. The collection is designed to serve as a gateway for fashion lovers into the world of crypto and NFTs.

TLDR; We launched a fashion line that gives non-crypto-natives access to the digital fashion world/metaverse.

DIGITALAX teamed up with Polygon, aka Matic Network, to launch the first real hybrid digital and physical fashion line, with memetic proof of uniqueness!

The collaboration builds on the recognition of NFTs as encapsulating, openly programmable structures for memes and their derivatives. The collection will be sold as physical pieces first, each with a corresponding claim ticket for an easy-to-use digital inventory (and wallet), followed soon after by a series of NFTs minted on Polygon.

At DIGITALAX we see sustainability as one of the biggest draws of digital fashion and scaling the industry. Partnering with Polygon as an NFT issuance platform was a conscious decision to help achieve scalability without compromising on sustainability.

The fashion line is a collection of individual physical garments, each of which will be imprinted with a one-of-a-kind “memetic patch” NFT. Each meme is designed to promote core themes such as sustainability, exploitation in the supply chain, in fashion, and in gaming, and unrealized creator value.

The memetic patches will be minted on Polygon as a unique ERC1155 NFT, using the DIGITALAX open-source digital pattern, material, and texture libraries.

Anyone purchasing a physical item from the collection will receive an inventory claim ticket, allowing them to claim their unique memetic NFT in an Arkane or Metamask wallet, generated through the DIGITALAX platform once they sign up to the marketplace.

However, there’s a bonus. In addition to the unique memetic NFT, the purchaser also receives XP points for the DIGITALAX ESPA esports platform, which they can use to compete in tournaments. They’ll also receive a common open edition NFT that corresponds to a collection under the SKU line of the product they’ve purchased. The dynamic NFT has the potential of becoming unique over time, based on data from the item itself, the SKU line of the item, and derivative data.

Please go ahead and ask any questions below!

– Harrison Kugler




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