Kapwing Plugins — Video editing reimagined with plugins for Kapwing

Hi Product Hunt!

I’m Eric, the CTO at Kapwing. I’m excited to be on Product Hunt today to launch Plugins.

Ever since we started building an application to help edit video more easily, users have been asking us to integrate third party services into Kapwing.

To solve this, we first worked closely with the teams at Unsplash, Pexels, and Giphy to make their content available for users. Through this process, however, we realized that we should make it possible for anyone to make their application available inside of Kapwing.

We’re excited to announce that now, it’s possible for anyone to build an integration into Kapwing. We hope that plugins can be the gateway to many successful partnerships with other innovative teams down the road.

You can try out the existing integrations with Kapwing today. Just visit kapwing.com/plugins and hit get started. If you’re interested in potentially partnering to make a plugin together, please reach out to us!


– Eric Lu




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