NoFilter API — Public API for getting curated photo spots

After ~4 years working on NoFilter, I decided to open the API with free access layer to the data.

NoFilter (App and API) gives you access to the best photo spots nearby and all around the world.

The golden feature is that the content is 100% curated, 100% aimed to photographers and travelers.

Classic question is: “What’s the difference between NoFilter and Google Maps? Or Foursquare?”.
Well… The difference is super clear if you are a photographer or a traveler.
Let me explain it with an example:

Imagine you are going to go Rome, Italy, on vacations, and you want to find the best spots to take pictures in Rome.
Then, you go to Google (Searcher or Maps) and search for “Rome”… You gonna get 20% of really bad content, and 80% of really nice pictures, but… Do you know where to go to take those picture? No. Well… With NoFilter you can, because it shows you exactly the position to stand, to se exactly what is shown in the photo spot.

Now, NoFilter API provides you a set of endpoints in order to get those nice photo posts, given a Latitude and Longitude geo coordinate, or a Text Search, or a “Nearest” search, etc, etc (new endpoints are coming)

Examples of use?
– You are Airbnb, and you want to show cool landscapes near of every home.
– You are a flights/holidays-packages company, and you want to show some cool photos of the cities your users are searching for.
– You are an app for planing roadtrips, and you want to show to your users the best photo spots they have in their road plan.
– You are an Information Center of some City/Town, and you want to show the best places “to not miss” of your city (or even country).

A cool stuff: I’m already implementing the integration.

– NoFilter App:
– NoFilter API:
– Zapier App Early Access:

Any feedback is welcome! Enjoy!

Ps.: Accept the Zapier invitation, and try it out with the Zapier Scheduler. An idea: Schedule a monthly spot in your instagram/twitter, where you show the best photo spots of your city 😉

– Broda Noel




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