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Hello Product Hunt! ????

I’m Savio Martin, I’m young dev with an intention to enhance as a successful web developer. Today, I’d like to share my latest project – Tweeter

I was introduced to Twitter intents some weeks ago, and I felt it amazing. Twitter intents enable you to create dynamic tweets with a link. But, creating a great intent is not that easy, so, I challenged myself to create Tweeter, which makes the complete workflow super simple.

Tweeter could create high-quality Twitter intents for your site. Comes with a distraction-free text area to experiment and supports twitter emojis. You could also see a live preview on the left and check the demo providing you the original twitter feel. You also get instructions to use with a quick demo.

Try Tweeter, sharing to twitter made simple!:
Looking forward to discussing this in the comments: I’d love ❤️ to hear your feedback and your thoughts on my app!

– Savio Martin




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