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Over the past year I’ve been working with the team at Bench to build the perfect bundle of tools and financial services to power a company.

The central insight is that spending, receiving, managing, and recording the state of money for your business is one closed loop.

From opening the first checking account for your new LLC to filing taxes at the end of your eighth year of operation, there’s really no good reason that a business owner should have to manually keep track of all of this activity and copy the data by hand between disjointed tools while hoping that nothing slips through the cracks.

A bank account should be aware of the meaning of transactions for your specific business and, as they happen, neatly record the data that it already has in a ledger so you can file your taxes with minimal fuss and duplicated effort.

I’ve always wanted a bundle like this, and the arbitrary seams between these different steps in the process are massive unnecessary pain.

I think everyone running a company deserves a service like this!

– Adam Saint




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