Cap’n Doge – The Dogecoin Cereal — Limited edition cereal with a one-of-a-kind NFT collectible

Hi Hunters!

Have you ever woken up and needed an extra boost to HODL your way to the moon?

Introducing Cap’n Doge, the world’s first Crypto Cereal!

???? Limited supply:
There are only 1260 boxes of Cap’n Doge Cereal and 13 of them have been minted with a surprise Doge themed NFT. Just type in the cereal code 😉 and claim your prize!

???? Minted Healthy:
Cap’n Doge is a Delicious Doge-shaped snack with a healthy blend of vitamins and minerals!

???? All in:
This is the first Crypto Cereal drop and we are starting exclusively on product hunt – so stay tuned and hurry before you miss out!

Cap’n Doge is a limited edition cereal. A selected handful of these cereals come with a one-of-a-kind NFT collectible.

– Jörg Doku




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