Revele — We text you ???? wellness product deals curated by creators

Hi PH Community ????

So excited to launch this Self-Care Sunday deals – we know how much the PH community invests in bettering themselves so excited to share this initiative with y’all!

Wellness and self-care is something that is so important, but it is so hard to find what is right for you. That is why we are partnering with loved creators in this space to share the best self care deals and products.

How it works:
???? Sign up for free with your Name and Phone Number
???? Every #SelfCareSunday you’ll receive curated deals from your fav creator in the space
???? Share with your friends for more exclusive deals!

From our community of creators, you can expect a text of curated deals from both popular brands and discover new ones. We’ll only send you deals from quality brands that we truly love so let us know what you think and subscribe at

???????? The Revele Team

– Deb Pratiher




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