SaaS Blocks UI Kit — UI kit for startups to create the perfect SaaS website

???? Hey all!

Today I am super excited to show you what I’ve been working on! It’s a UI Kit for SaaS companies!

It’s pay what you want pricing (until I change my mind). Grab your copy, share with a friend, tweet – I really appreciate it! ????

Let me know how you like it. Just DM on Twitter @cogentgene. I take all feedback seriously and will do my best to help you with any questions.

✅ 70+ beautiful blocks (with many more to come already in the works!)
✅ Figma File
✅ Fully customizable
✅ Unlimited updates included
✅ Made specifically for SaaS companies
✅ Grid-based, developer-friendly
✅ Light & dark mode
✅ Sample layouts included
✅ New blocks added often
✅ Mobile layouts in the works
✅ HTML version in the works! (free for existing customers)
✅ Create landing pages and full websites (more website blocks in the works)
✅ All 3D assets included (and more coming)
✅ Free Google Fonts
✅ Custom blocks on request (for those who pay $40+)

???????????? Support an indie designer (@cogentgene on Twitter)

– Gene




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