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We have been using our own email outreach tool for more than 4 years already. Having an agency business, we need to get in touch with tens of thousands of influencers(YouTubers/Instagrammers) to run campaigns for our clients. The very first step is to cast proper influencers for our clients and email is still the most straightforward way to get in touch with them.

We initially tried Sendgrid/Mailchimp, but as we learned, those tools are not really for cold outreach: the email will either go to spam folder, or the promotion tab, and the recipient won’t even have the chance to read your email. That is also why their ToS specifically states that you are not supposed to use them to email people that have not consented to receive emails from you.

So the question comes that how we can send highly personalized emails through our own email box (in our case its GSuite) and can be shared across team: meaning if I am out of office today, my teammate can pick up where I left off and continue the conversation with the influencers.

That is why we built SocialMailer. As of today, we have used SocialMailer to send millions of emails already and we have an impressive open and reply rate. In fact, it is so powerful that we start to use it for other purposes like sales outreach/blog outreach in addition to its original purpose of influencer outreach.

That’s when we decide to spin it out to be a standalone product so it can also help other people. It seamlessly integrates with GSuite/Gmail and Outlook, and has a concise conversational inbox. You can organize your outreach emails in campaigns and view all the metrics in real time.

It is still your inbox, just more powerful:-)

Love to hear your thoughts.

– Chen




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