VectorIcons Mixer by Iconshock — Get thousands of free icon variations using colorful shapes

Hello Ninjas !

We are super excited to introduce our latest project, a tool that allows you to mix thousands of vector icons with hundreds of trendy vector shapes to generate new icon variations or complete sets with a single click

The tool features 10+ icon styles, including popular styles like Material Design, iOS Line/Filled, Isometric, Glyph & Color Line and has a built-in search function for you to find exactly what you need (all sets/icons have been properly tagged for precision). Customize your icons before downloading by changing colors, or create custom icon collections to fit your needs. Icons available for download in SVG & high resolution PNG files!

So, in a nutshell:

???? More than 23,000 vector icons to customize
???? Hundreds of vector shapes
????️ Unlimted combinations, generate custom sets easily!
???? Download SVG source files & high resolution PNG with transparent background
???? 10+ icon packs from Iconshock
???? Popular design styles: Material, iOS, Isometric, Line & more
???? Icons have been properly tagged/retagged
???? Built-in search function
???? Recolor as necessary before downloading
???? Use for personal & commercial projects

Feel free to reach me via twitter:

– Juan Sarmiento




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