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???? Three years ago I launched Checkout Page here on Product Hunt ( as a no-code way to take payments on Stripe. What started as a small side project has turned into my primary source of income.

Checkout Page now processes more than 2000 payments and subscriptions per month at a monthly volume of $120.000. All over the world people use Checkout Page to sell software subscriptions, mobile app licenses, cheese, memberships, guides, event tickets and more.

???? Today, I’m launching Checkout Page Digital Downloads. A no-code way to sell digital downloads on your own site and with payment links. Create a checkout page, add your files and share it with your customers. It’s that simple.
We take care of payment confirmations and bring your files to your customers. Check out the demo:—premium-package?testing=1

Checkout Page makes it really easy to set up specific use cases. A couple of use cases supported out of the box:

???? Sign up/registration forms with a free PDF download
???? Pay what you want; let people name a fair price for your download
???? Memberships; add and change content for your members to download

I’m curious to hear what you think! I’ll be around today to answer questions and respond to feedback. ????

– Sander Visser




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