Dweb Search — A decentralized search engine for IPFS and Filecoin

Hi Product Hunt!

Will you try a dweb search engine?

## Why build a Dweb Search Engine?
– I was a NLP/knowledge-graph researcher&engineer in a big company, but I like decentralized web and a more open world.
– I like IPFS and wish build a Search Engine support ipfs/filecoin better.
– The data of our Dweb Search Engine is all open, free snapshot, so anyone can hack a transparent and fun NLU&Ranking Algorithm.
– Reward creators and curators with Filecoin&Likecoin etc. is cool for me and useful for creators&curators.
– We develop on web3-rss-jsonfeed, web3-creative-commons, new dweb spec: https://github.com/anwen/dweb-search/wiki

## What’s next
– More ipfs datasets/articles will be included. Creative Commons works will be added first.
– Airdrop for creators and curators who help adding metadata.
– Anything you think it’s cool for a Dweb Search Engine.
– Discord of dweb dev and research: https://discord.gg/QaEwmJMDJ2 , hope to hearing from you.

– Askender




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