Snoozemaker — Sleep and mindfulness, made easy with a virtual guide

Hey Product Hunters ????

I’m Nic, creator of Snoozemaker, a software engineer with a passion for health and fitness. I’ve been building Snoozemaker in my spare time for a few years now and I’m very happy to have it launched on the App Store.

Why “Snoozemaker”? ????
I’ve always been fascinated by how sound can affect your mood. When I was researching this phenomenon, I discovered the link sound has to neuroscience. Further research led to learning about sleep and mindfulness. As I continue to build Snoozemaker, my vision is to focus more on the neuroscience. The vision would be to help others learn from science-based tools, gain a deeper understanding of their body and ultimately improve their daily life.

For now, Snoozemaker includes the following tools to help you sleep and release stress:

???? Scenes
Get immersed in a relaxing and atmospheric scene. Listen in the background or visualize yourself in the scene.

???? Breathing
Follow the guide through a number of breathing cycles. Breathing is one of the easiest, natural tools to improve your mood and reduce stress.

???? Music
A collection of curated music to unwind and relax. Listen in the background or be mesmerized by a visualization.

???? Guided Meditation
Follow the guide through different styles of meditation. Listen carefully to what the guide is saying or focus on the words, or a combination of both.

???? Sounds
Relax and focus on the sounds moving around you (based on ASMR). Each sound is a binaural recording to create a three-dimensional sound sensation.

???? Interactive
Tools designed for relaxation that you can control with gestures. Every tool is different and specifically designed to help you de-stress.

One more thing ????

✅ Free to Download
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– Nicholas Pacholski




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