Twiso for Video — Turn your web recordings into a source of leads

Hey PH community ????

I’m beyond proud to share with you our new produсt – Twiso for Video. We help creators convert webinar recordings into engaging promo videos ????

We have seen a huge spike in the amount of video content being produced on social media. The majority of the videos are created by using a personal webcam and zoom recording.

However, it’s quite hard to stand out when every video you produce looks exactly the same. That’s why at Twiso, we decided to help creators produce content that is worth sharing.

Our team designed professionally-looking templates that can be added to any recording with a click of a button. We convert your raw video into ready-to-share video highlights.

Here’s how Twiso works

– Upload your video
– Cut a part of the video you want to highlight (max 3 minutes)
– Select speakers from the video
– Choose one of our pre-designed templates.
– Ready to share ????

– Ruslan Khalilov




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