Apricot — 1:1 consultation with home decor influencers

Hello Everyone,

Excited to introduce our product, Apricot – the new way to transform your home.

Our mission at Apricot is to help everyday people become better designers. Our platform allows clients to seek decor advice and learn tips to upgrade their space, while current home decor content creators can expand their work by becoming small-scale consultants. Most importantly, Apricot facilitates an interactive community of home decor novices, enthusiasts & experts, coming together to cultivate beautiful spaces.

For our clients: we know that home decor can be a bit of a daunting task. There’s a lot of posts, pins & inspiration out there–but you deserve accessible advice, tailored to your home.

For our Influencers: we know home decor is your hobby, your passion. Now let us help you grow that passion into something even more rewarding.

Sweeten up your space – one chat at a time.

Happy Apricot!


P.S. We are looking for a lead developer, who is passionate about reinventing home decor and the interior design industry. Please reach out to david@apricot.chat!

– S. David Lee




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