CupBuddy — Track your caffeine consumption

Hello, Product Hunt community ????

I am proud to share with you my new app – CupBuddy. It helps people to control their day-to-day caffeine intake.

A few years ago, I lost control over my caffeine consumption. At first, everything was fine. But soon, I began to fall asleep very hard and slow. I stopped feeling rested after sleeping. Then I began to feel unwell more and more often, and my anxiety about trifles increased.

I decided to start counting the cups of coffee and tea I drink every day. But during a busy day, you often don’t notice that you are already drinking your fourth cup of espresso and not your second.

That’s why I decided to create the CupBuddy app. It helped me a lot. Now I can always check how much caffeine I’ve already drunk and adjust my daily limit to acceptable values. Also, I can find how fast caffeine will leave my body and plan my sleeping schedule and working hours. After a few months of using the alpha version of my app, my sleeping quality improved a lot, and feel better and better every month.

I hope CupBuddy will help you too. Just give it a chance. ☕️

– Ilia Stukalov




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