Eyescream — An app to remind you to give your eyes a break

After lockdown started my digital screen usage skyrocket like never before. Binging on Netflix the whole day, reading business ebooks and of course youtube my whole day was going like torture for my already stressed eyes with whole day laptop work. It was very hard to stick with a schedule to take a break when your favorite show is on the screen. Literally, I felt there should be something that is easy to use, easy to set up, and do what it intends to do making me take the break something very strict. That’s how I thought to make it. And to be honest it was a complete relief even a small step but my dry eyes issue was already solve in few days of constant usages. A small change could bring so much relief I never expected that. Just try this at least for a week you will get used to it 99 cents is nothing in comparison to what eye care costs after damage. I am sure you don’t wanna get those eye drop & increased power specs after this coronavirus crisis ends. Take action.

– Shubham rawat




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