Trym — API based URL shortener with pay-as-you-go pricing

???? PH Fam. So excited to bring Trym to you all!

Trym is a URL shortener built for Indie devs. Why build another URL shortener you ask? Well – Here’s the key reason!

Heard of Who hasn’t? is awesome ( and so are several other URL shorteners), but they are not built with devs in mind,

Here’s why – Features like CSV management, Campaign data management etc, are amazing for Marketing/Sales folks but not really useful for devs.

???? With Trym we cut the bloat and built a lean mean URL shortener with 3 key features – Shortening, Link Analytics and Branded URL (Coming soon)

???? This means you pay lesser – WAY lesser – 90% lesser than to be precise. Annnddd – Our Beta is FREE!

???? Pay for USE! – Don’t pay for shortening requests – Pay only when someone clicks on the shortened links (in other words – pay only for redirect requests)

We are excited to see what you will create with Trym!! Love to hear thoughts/questions and comments!

– Sindhuja Narasimhan




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