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I created a simple voting platform called Hearvo (HEAR your VOice or HEAR your VOte, whatever) where everyone can create a poll, vote, and see the result.

Basically you can do the same thing on Reddit or Twitter. Those two platforms are already huge and it would seem no one needs a similar service like this. But, on Reddit and Twitter, the result of the poll is largely depended on the community or the follower, which means the result is massively biased (Although it’s not always a bad thing, in fact it is good sometimes). Also, malicious users can manipulate the poll result easily on those platforms.

So I wanted to create a place where the poll is not heavily biased by a group of people (or can check how biased it is) and difficult to manipulate. Also I thought it would great to have a Quora like voting-only platform on the Internet.

On Hearvo, you can see voter’s demographics, like gender distribution and age distribution of each poll (It means Hearvo requires your gender and age at least). Also, you can manually add your own demographics, like if you want to create a poll about “how many books do you read in a month?”, you can also add “what’s your household income?” to see the attributes of the voters. Furthermore, you can compare the two result. In the example above, you can create a stacked bar chart of

“how many books do you read in a month?” vs “what’s your household income?”

so you may see a tendency that rich people read more books. You can also create “gender” vs “how many books do you read in a month?”, “age” vs “how many books do you read in a month?” and so on.

Another thing to keep in mind is the manipulation of polls. How to protect a poll result from malicious users? I think what we can do is these two things (We will add these features in the future):

1. Detect malicious accounts, log in, votes, vote patterns and user activity pattens in realitme or in retrospect (like Google Ad does to detect click flaud).
2. Let users inspect the result (Add filtering option, e.g. show votes from 2021/3/20 13:00 – 2021/3/20 – 14:00 so that users can see the difference of the result in different periods )

Multiplying these two methods, I think we can say to a certain extent that this poll seems credible than this, or you don’t need to see this poll since it is corrupted. Although we can enhance its credibilty by adding a rigorous account verification system (require your driver’s license or passport, like when you open a bank account), we will not add that feature for now, I think it’s too much.

If you like it, please visit

landing page: https://hearvo.com.
actual app (for US): https://us.hearvo.com

Your feedbacks are welcome, thank you!

– Takashi Inagaki




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