NeuroNFT — Buy and sell rare AI-based NFTs

Everyone knows about Schroedinger’s cat, but what would Schroedinger’s gallery look like?

We imagine it to be a collection of paintings featuring people, landscapes, abstract concepts in every style imaginable, all existing simultaneously inside every painting. Yet the moment that you look at the canvas the artwork gets anchored to a single unique design, never the same for any two paintings. We were so fascinated with this idea that we created NeuroNFT to capture the feeling of browsing this “Schroedinger’s Gallery”.

NeuroNFT is a marketplace for collectors to buy and sell rare AI-based NFTs with a unique discovery mechanic that we believe Schroedinger would approve.

Each collectible card can only be opened once and when opened, a source of randomness inside the NeuroNFT Card will be sampled and written to the blockchain.

Using this randomness, a painter AI will generate a high-quality one-of-a-kind artwork that will be displayed in the gallery below for everyone to see.
Since there is no way to know what the source randomness will return when you open your NeuroNFT Card, each will have a unique artwork determined by several random factors.

As far as we know, NeuroNFT is the first (and only) NFT project built specifically for AI-based crypto-collectibles with such a discovery mechanic.

– Kirill Demochkin




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