Proposals by Incomee — A powerful proposal maker to create proposals in seconds.

Creating beautiful proposals should be a matter of seconds. Others software and services are overcomplicated and costly, forcing you to waste valuable time designing and creating templates, etc…until now.

With Proposals by Incomee, we take the hassle away from you and your business. We have the best-looking proposal template ready to be used. Proposals that work for you and your clients.

Some highlights:
– The best-looking proposal in the market ready for you;
– Proposal design always updated to convert more;
– Send proposals via Incomee;
– Image cover to make your proposals stand out;
– The e-signature lets your clients sign and approve any proposals on any device, anywhere;
– Notification so you immediately know when you win a new project;
– Convert proposals to invoices in one click;
– Simple metrics to always see how your proposals perform.

We wanted to design a lightweight tool that would be very easy for you to use and would cost less than similar tools.

– Guglielmo Pardo




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