AMM+ by Coinflex — The first AMM for perpetual futures markets

Hey Huntsmen & Huntswomen! ????????

I’m Mark, the CEO & co-founder of ????

At CoinFLEX we proudly created the world’s first physically delivered futures markets, the first crypto repo market, and the first interest-earning Stablecoins.

Today we’re launching the first Automated Market Making concept for a centralised exchange and applying it to our perpetual futures markets.

AMM+ works to efficiently allocate capital to where markets require it most by rewarding liquidity providers (LPs) who allocate their capital in each market most effectively.

Users can simply go to, select the assets they wish to trade, select a price range for that asset to concentrate their capital on – and start trading automatically within that specific range with AMM+

AMM+ will result in a better spread and greater liquidity in all our trading markets and gives LP’s more control over the decisions they can make to further enhance their APY.

Benefits of AMM+

Both the AMM+ user and the trader on the other side can be leveraged

Users earn a 0.03% rebate from each trade

Order books running on servers are 10,000x faster than Ethereum at matching trades

To learn more, check out or join us on telegram where I will be happy to answer any questions –

– Mark Lamb




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