Inspiration Database — Database of more than 147,000+ products & low-rated apps

Hi there!

Before I get into details, this is a sample of this database:
(Low rated but popular Chrome extensions. You’ll get 7 more databases like this after the purchase.)

A few days ago I wanted to get a few ideas on what to work next, but I also didn’t want to create something I don’t know if people want.

That’s why I created a huge database containing existing, in-demand products so that I can get inspired by the current market.

I collected products from the following platforms:
Shopify, WordPress, Android, Chrome extensions marketplace.

After purchasing it on Gumroad, you’ll get access to 8 (actually 10) Airtables. All of them are filterable & sortable so you can quickly navigate through them as you want.

I hope you’ll find it as useful as I did.

I put a coupon into the Gumroad link (just click “Get it” here), so you can get it for $6 (instead of $24), it’s only available TODAY.

– joseph




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