Clipping Magic 3.0 — Instantly remove image backgrounds online

Hi hunters, makers of the original online background remover here!

We’re excited to share this massive update with you all – we now have AI parity, feature superiority and better pricing than the entire field of background removers!

You may have heard of,, and (they all launched here on product hunt). Well, they and the other 10+ AI-only background removers are essentially clones of each other: upload an image, download a result, but woe is you if you were looking for something different or if their AI messed up (which all AIs inevitably do on some images).

So what sets us apart is that we offer a full-featured Smart Editor which lets you go far beyond the AI:

First off, if you want something other than what the AI gives you it’s super-easy to apply a few marks and get the result you actually wanted – we don’t just leave you hanging in MS Paint 95.

Second, we make it single-click-easy to add nice effects like fixing the colors and adding shadows & reflections. What’s normally 5+ steps in e.g. Photoshop is basically a checkbox with Clipping Magic.

This means that you can quickly get a fully reviewed, production ready result with a single tool – no need for separate review or fallback workflow.

So if you’re looking for a just-for-laughs, one-off shot of you and your buddies without the background, then sure, any background remover will do.

But if you’re using the results for anything serious, then you’ll want to go with Clipping Magic.

Read the full blog post about all the new goodies:

Enjoy 50% off the first month of our Standard Plan: (valid until June 16)

– Jacob Norda




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