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???? is now in public beta and available to try for free in just 2 clicks.

???? Features

✅ Account overview – followers, tweets, impressions and engagements
✅ Engagement analysis – engagement rate, engagement per impression
✅ Export all statistics to Excel or CSV with a simple click
✅ Media analysis – video playbacks insights from 0% to 100%
✅ Video stats – engagements per impression analysis
✅ Tweets analysis period selection for up to 28 days

How I got started ❓

???? Studying the Twitter API v1 and V2 I understood that Twitter Analytics could provide more detailed tweet statistics.

I’ve decided to build ????, at the beginning of this year, a solution that combines the powerful insights provided by Twitter API v1 and V2.

On the roadmap:
???? Hashtag analysis
???? Tweet hours visualisation
???? Mentioned accounts analysis
???? Likes analysis
+ more from user feedback

I would be grateful for any feedback. ????

Thank you. ????

– Alex MAN




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