Whatsapp Reminders — Meeting reminders on WhatsApp for busy individuals

Hello, Product Hunt! I’m Santhosh, Cofounder at Jikoo.io

We are all leading a busy life! Packed schedules and meetings with customers, coworkers, professional contacts is an inevitable truth of life. All you need is a digital friend who can help you keep up with stuff.

I know, from my conversations with many founders, that keeping up with daily schedule can be a daunting task. With Whatsapp Reminders, you can receive daily agenda and event/meeting reminders directly on your WhatsApp number.

Below are some of the core features:

???? Daily agenda: Receive daily agenda every morning to make sure you are on top of the daily schedule.

✔️ Meeting reminders: Receive event reminders directly on Whatsapp before an event so you can be prepared and bring your A-game

*Coming soon:*

???? Meeting scheduler: Share your calendar and book meetings directly over Whatsapp.

Our experience with early users over the past few months has shown us that there is at least a 60% reduction in missed meetings after using our product.

We strive for constant improvement and looking forward to feedback from the community to help us get better.

Around all day for questions – let us know what you think!

– Santhosh Kumar Elango




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