Gen Z Casa — Community houses for Gen Z

Hey PH Community! ???? It’s our first time launching on PH and we’re stoked to be able to share more about our community houses and Gen Z Casa with everyone!

My name’s Ami, and living in houses with amazing communities for the past (almost) year, I’ve personally grown an incredible amount as an individual, friend, community member, creative, and professional in (absolutely) all facets of my life. I’ve also been astonished by the number of young people who constantly and consistently approach me to get involved, immersed, and take part in houses. Especially as COVID hit last year and there’s been a shift in FOW and shift in perspectives, Gen Z is becoming restless to build together, create together, and just be together in a community with others who share the same values and interests.

With Gen Z Casa, our goal is to allow for more young people to have access to the best community houses across the globe, that are the perfect fit for each individual.

How Gen Z Casa works:
1. Sign up! (even if you’re a young millennial ???? ) Signing up will allow us to better understand your preferences and what you’d be looking for in a community house. You can also sign up just to stay updated on houses, events, and community stuff! ????
2. We’ll reach out and give recommendations and matches based on your preferences. ????
3. Just apply, book the experience, and get ready to live!! ???? We’re focusing on this summer and fall, but will be working nonstop to best support you!

Whether you decide to take a less traditional education route or drop out, take a gap year or are a new grad, are looking for a community in midst of your summer internship or as you’re transitioning career paths, living in a community house can be incredibly impactful, resonating, and an overall amazing experience (especially for young builders, creators, and investors)!

Looking forward to everyone’s questions, feedback, and/or comments! Also appreciate you ALL for checking us out and hope you have an amazing rest of the week!

Let’s change the way we as young people build community and live 🙂 ????

– Ami Yoshimura




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