List of 100+ Product Management tools — Curated list of tools to master Product Management ⛏️

It’s a comprehensive & curated list of 100+ Product Management tools that will help you to master the art of Product Management. ????‍????

Whether you are an aspiring PM or a seasoned PM, this list of tools & resources will help you zoom past in the PM journey ⚡

Notion Database is LIVE with ????
???? Tool name

???? Website

???? Quick description

???? Categorization based on different Product Phases

???? Twitter handle

???? Top picks across each category

Product Phases include ????
⭐️ Product Discovery

⭐️ Product Roadmap

⭐️ Product Brainstorming

⭐️ Product Metrics & Analytics

⭐️ Project Management

⭐️ Product Feedback

⭐️ User Experience Testing

⭐️ Collaboration

⭐️ Design & Wireframing

⭐️ Prioritization

⭐️ Productivity

⭐️ User Onboarding

✔️ Search + Sort + Filter across resources

✔️ 100+ Product Management tools

✔️ Save 100+ hours on research

✔️ Weekly Updates

Lifetime access ???? ????

– Rohit Verma




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