Padex — Meeting management for managers to track their 1-on-1s

Mike here, founder of Padex.

In my professional career, I’ve always struggled with tracking my various 1 on 1 meetings. Whether it’s with my manager, product owners, or the growing team I manage.

I kept looking for a system to help me keep track of everything. I started out with various text files in Notepad then moved onto scattered Google docs because I kept losing my notes. Eventually I started looking for a software solution as my team and the number of meetings grew.

While there are a lot of tools out there, a lot of them simply try and do too much or are too invasive. They want me to invite my whole team, take over my calendar, or ask me and my team to learn a new system and charge me by the user. That’s a lot to ask for when I’m just looking for a way to track my meetings and notes.

So I did what most of us try and do, which is scratch my own itch. I’ve been using Padex day-to-day for awhile now and decided to share it with others looking for a similar solution. With Padex, you can ditch the random notepad files or scattered google docs and easily keep track of your meetings in one place.

The software is versatile in that you can add your whole team, or people you frequently work with. Whether you’re the one holding the meeting or you want to keep track of meetings you’re a part of, you can easily start tracking action items and notes for any type of meeting you have.

If you’re a new, or growing manager, it can also be difficult to start the process of doing 1 on 1’s with your team. What do you talk about? What kind of questions do you ask? What about a new team member? We have some preset agenda templates to help you get started, which you can tweak and customize as you get more comfortable, learn your team and define your own style.

I’m excited to know what you think!

– Michael Wilson




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