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How we communicate — the words we use, the way we say them, our tone and body language — all influence the way we’re seen and received in the world ???? and can affect relationships and career outcomes. We built Poised because we’ve all struggled with spoken communication at work, but haven’t found an affordable and easy way to improve.

Poised is a personalized digital communications coach and the first to provide actionable, real-time feedback during online meetings. Poised works with Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, among other platforms, where it sits in the background and only records the person using it.

Measure and benchmark your confidence, clarity, energy, and empathy and analyze use of filler words, enunciation, pace and interruptions. Poised provides transcripts with in-line suggestions, goal tracking, and videos from top speech coaches to improve your speaking skills.

We’re so excited for you to try it out today and share feedback. The team will be around to answer any questions! To get started, simply go poised.com/producthunt and request early access. Product Hunt users will be able to bypass our waitlist and will receive a direct access link right after signing up.

– Charles Hua




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