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Hey Product Hunters!

My name is Mahmoud and I’ve created this free Notion template to help you create a wiki page for your study and essentially a central space for your team to share knowledge and collaborate.

There isn’t much well designed and fun-to-use tools out there for researchers, especially ones that are free-to-use, and from managing a multi-centre clinical study, it can quickly become quite overwhelming and difficult to keep all team members on the same page.

We often rely on just sharing a folder via a cloud storage provider and communicating lots of important bits of information via email, so it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks and also creates more work for your team to understand the requirements for the study.

As part of this template, you will get:

Documents database
Standards of Operating Procedures and Working Instructions database
Onboarding checklist and progress tracker
Meeting Notes
Research Team Directory
Eligibility Criteria
Study Announcements

I’ll be making an-depth tutorial video on how to best take advantage of this template in the near future. Everyone who downloads the template will be notified once this video is released but it will be made available on YouTube as well for easy access.

Hope you enjoy using this template and please leave me a comment to share your thoughts or suggestions.

– Mahmoud

– Mahmoud Al-Dabbas




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