Whistle Willow — Whistleblowing platform in Jira and Confluence

I have been working in cybersecurity for years and always admired whistleblowers ????️, people who risk everything because they’ve seen wrongdoings from within and couldn’t hide the truth.

I wanted to take away the risk of being uncovered and prosecuted for simply blowing the whistle and bringing attention to serious problems.
My vision was to create a product that allows everyone in an organisation to submit their tips, concerns, uncover issues, and help companies improve and fix their mistakes – all without compromising a single bit of the reporter’s identity ????.

This is how Whistle Willow ???? started – the solution that delivers a full-blown whistleblowing program directly into the tools millions of people use daily – Jira and Confluence. It operates within the Atlassian cloud platform, sends no data outside, and requires no integration – every company can install and go live in less than 5 minutes. At the same time, built with the highest security and privacy requirements from day 0 as the cornerstone, and with the bold mission to make the suppressed or feared voices heard

Currently, Whistle Willow ???? is available on Jira Marketplace, coming to Confluence any day. Install today and get the first 30 days completely free, and an additional 30% off as a Launch day celebration!

Let me know what you think!

– Igor Andriushchenko




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