Addmin — Modern way to organise your important docs

Hi Hunters ????

Stephane here, founder & CEO of Addmin.

We built a personal docs manager helping you better organise and track your most important important documents!

???? centralise any document in digital format
???? process automatically your docs and set reminders
???? access key details on your documents
???? easy follow-up with a dedicated dashboard
???? Multi-users access & editing
???? 100% confidential & private-by-design
???????? Swiss-based, private Cloud

We’re currently working on folders customization (incl. B2B templates), advanced web access and “Pro” version to allow docs-intensive companies to gain compliant, automatic and structured access to clients’ docs (fiduciaries , insurance brokers & the likes).

Excited to hear your most appreciated feedback and hope this version of Addmin can already provide you with the much needed peace of mind on your personal docs organization!

Greeting from our team based in ???????? ✌️


– Stéphane Journot




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