Heear! — Match and hear with whom has the same YouTube taste with you

Hey Product Hunters! ????
I’m Howie, founder and CEO of Tico.

After a few launches here a few months ago, like Wondercall 2.0 and Tico 2.0 – Powercall, we are very excited to share our new product – Heear!

A new way helps you get matched, and meet, and hear with people who have the same YouTube taste with you.

Using Heear is just like sitting together enjoying the same movie or hearing the same music on the same couch like the old-time before the Covid lockdown. And, that’s exactly what Heear is made for, to help everyone reconnected more safely and funnily!

It’s so great that we have something to share with you again. For a long time, our company has been working on secure and human-centered communication services. We hope people, no matter with friends, family, or who have never met each other before, can all get rebuilt connections through Heear with magic power in music.

We hope you like it, and enjoy it.
And feel free to drop feedback or questions to us.

Heear, here we hear.

– Howie Young




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