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Anton, the founder of Investnix is here!

Investnix is your best friend and advisor when you want to discover new investment options. It aggregates hundreds of investment platforms and represents the collected data in a convenient way. Investnix is a community for anyone who is interested in the world of investments.

How Can You Use Investnix?

✨ Discover and compare traditional and alternative investment options.
✨ Get daily updates with new investment opportunities.
✨ See real reviews of every investment option.
✨ Bonuses and giveaways from investment platforms.
✨ Build your own list of investments.
✨ Watch other users’ lists and comment on them.
✨ Get investment ideas from brokers and financial advisors.
✨ Enjoy the community: investors, advisors, business owners.
✨ Alternative investments: Gaming, eSports, Startups, Crypto, NFT.
✨ Investing calendar – schedule all deals, events and meetups in advance.
✨ Add any platform you would like to review to a wishlist.
✨ Investing trends tool: get an insight about the next big thing.
✨ Get a diversified portfolio and knowledge base in one place.

What Problem Investnix Solves?

Investing still needs more digitalization and improvements for the user experience. There are so many investment opportunities today. But you must do a lot of research and google queries to find the right tool for you. It is especially a challenge for someone who wishes to invest for retirement or simply to learn how to manage wealth the right way. The young generation is keen to invest and build up their portfolios. But they are happy to consider not only traditional investing but the new economy as well. The booming Gaming, eSports and Crypto industries are extremely trending and should be considered by any investor.
Investnix has a mission to digitize the investing spectrum for investors, analysts and businesses. By enabling the power of community we will try to turn today’s investing processes into a more convenient daily routine for everyone.

Who are the users of Investnix?

Investnix will be useful for anyone who is eager to discover new investing tools. Our platform is a great fit for small budget investors and users starting out. The beginner level investors will find a lot of opportunities and useful data for their portfolios. Yet, Investnix is a great help for brokers and experienced investors. We collect and analyze the traditional investing tools as well:
✨ Stocks;
✨Real Estate;
✨ Trading, etc.

History of Development

Back in 2020, I had 10 days of my vacation time. So I decided to spend some time studying investing opportunities and start my personal investment portfolio. Unfortunately back then I didn’t find any comprehensive resource that would help me consider all the available investing tools. Honestly I was stuck and surprised. The existing resources lacked features for the beginner level investors. After 2 weeks of research I came to the conclusion that there is no universal tool that would help me study and diversify investment opportunities. Shortly, an idea came about to create an informative and user-friendly investment platform.

Bonuses for Early Adopters

Our team is happy to see new faces on Investnix! Register on our platform and get bonuses, discounts and freebies from your Investment apps:).

Welcome to Investnix, guys:)

Our team is at the very beginning of the trip. We need early adopters, your support and hugs. Hope you will find your next big thing on Investnix.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime:


– Anton Kryvnov




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