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I began my entrepreneurial journey to create my own swimwear line.
Through extensive research planning the styles, fabrics, and
manufacturing details, I started to understand the swimwear market. It
became abundantly clear – the swimwear industry is not lacking, and
what I felt passionate about producing had already been produced.

Originally, I thought my problem was that there weren’t enough
swimwear options that appealed to me, when in reality my problem was
that I didn’t know where to find the swimwear I wanted to wear.

Luna Lu, the first-ever swimwear style recommendation engine, was
dreamed up to help women find the swimwear they know they want,
but don’t know where to find. There is an overwhelming assortment of
swimwear brands and styles, and Luna Lu makes the search more
easy, enjoyable, and personalized.

Luna Lu’s goal was to benefit customers and brands: women can find
swimwear that appeals to their unique preferences while discovering new brands they might not have found otherwise.

Take the style quiz to see for yourself how Luna Lu can find the
swimwear that suits you.

– Emily




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