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Hey, Vlad from here ????

Very excited to share with the PH community ????

The world has moved online, but hiring and vetting is still a pain. Hiring on UpWork is unpredictable and tedious. You have to sift through 20 applicants before finding someone decent. Hiring on TopTal and similar networks is expensive and they take a huge margin (often more than 50%). It never feels like hiring your own team members (just “borrowing” someone from TopTal). Hiring through a recruiter can cost 10’s of thousands.

We created to provide a free recruiting and matching service that sits directly between startups and top talent around the world eager to work with them. Most of the folks in our network offer competitive rates (especially for the US market) as well as fractional arrangements (often as low as 5 hours per week), making things very startup friendly.

How does it work?
Our (real human) matchers will have a conversation with you through our chat, to understand what are you building, what tech stack you are using, and what kind of pace is ideal for you. Once we know enough, we’ll connect you with a team or individual that fits your needs best. That’s it: no AI, no BS ????

What kind of skills do you cover?
The most common skills covered are web and mobile development, ML/Data Sci consulting, and design. If some skills are missing in our network, we are able to recruit and vet new teams quickly.

How is it free?
We may earn fees if we connect you to a team or independent using TurtleOS, our main product. This is how we keep the lights on. That said, our network isn’t limited to only TurtleOS teams and we’ll always recommend what’s best for you.

Our team is here to answer any questions!

– Vlad




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