Microvist for Mobile — Practical eco challenges for a better world

Hi Product Hunters, I’m Tobias and just over a year ago I released the first version of microvist.com a side project of mine. Since then the response has been fantastic and has helped refine it even more.

Today I’m incredibly excited to share my first ever mobile app, Microvist for iOS and Android.

>> What It Is <<
Microvist is a collection of eco challenges that individuals like you and me can do that have a positive effect on our world. We have challenges for climate change, biodiversity, waste and more so there’s something to suit almost everyone.

Once you start a challenge you can track your progress, invite friends and chat in groups to share tips, tricks or get competitive.

The goal is to make changes fun and approachable so we also added badges to unlock for your actions.

>> Features <<
???? Eco challenges covering all sorts of topics
???? Start challenges and set timeframes to keep focus
???? Complete challenges and build habits
???? Unlock achievements for your actions
???? Invite friends into group challenges
???? Leave comments in groups
???? Share pictures of your progress
❤️ Leave a like on other peoples comments & photos

>> Why A Mobile App <<
Microvist has been running as a web app for over a year but having a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS adds some pretty nice benefits.

1. It’s easier to launch and update your challenge progress on the go.
2. Taking photos to share when you’re out and about is much easier via the app.
3. Notifications when something interesting is happening in one of your groups keeps you up to date.

>> Let Me Know What You Think <<
Feedback is key to making Microvist the most fun and approachable platform it can be which in turn will help it make an even bigger impact as more people join us. Please drop us a comment on what you like or what you don’t like so I can pick up the insights I need to keep improving.

Thank you all.

– Tobias Gray




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