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Hey, Product Hunt!

I’m Art, co-founder, and CEO of NoCodeDevs. Today, we are super excited to announce version 3 of NoCodeDevs. Since launching in March of 2020, our community and platform have gone through many transformations and pivots.

V1 was built on @mightynetworks and with a strong focus on educational content and community. Later in the year, we pivoted to V2 which almost completely focused on community. We built a marketing site in @webflowapp and set up a Circle community. Things were progressing well, but something was missing. In the age of audio and video, asynchronous messaging wasn’t cutting it. Furthermore, we all but abandoned our roots in tutorials and #nocode education.

V3 changed all of that! NoCodeDevs 3.0 focuses 100% on education via video. We are committed to featuring the best #nocode content and makers from around the internet. Furthermore, we are producing and releasing new PRO content weekly to keep our PRO members on the cutting edge of design and development. Additionally, we have completely reimagined the community and now offer a vast offering of community events and offerings.

The new website was completely developed in Webflow. The backend is @airtable and our users are managed by @geoffroberts’s Outseta platform, which I highly recommend! Of course, we have used a ton of @zapier zaps to make it all work well. Members can save videos, tools, and makers to their profile for quick access. Filter sort and search for videos quickly thanks to Jetboost by Chris Spags.

Thanks to everyone for your support as we’ve grown and pivoted over the last 14 months it’s great to be a part of this amazing community. As a special offer for our launch, use the code PHPRO for 25% off our PRO plan.

See you soon!

– Arthur West




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