Onboarding by Roots — Streamline new hire onboarding directly in Slack

Howdy hunters! ???? Excited to announce the newest Slack plugin in our HR suite, onboarding.

At Roots, we believe the future of work is remote, it’s agile, it’s anti-bureaucratic, and most importantly, it lives inside a few core communication systems and business tools, rather than spread out across dozens of standalone platforms that never talk to one another. That’s why all of our HR plugins are heavily embedded into Slack – because we want to make work easier for people.

With this onboarding plugin, we truly believe we can make an impact and streamline the new hire experience, centering it around Slack (a system most people already know and love) rather than overwhelming folks with something brand new. With remote onboarding on the rise, it will be especially critical to maximize the energy people have toward learning new things and getting acclimated to your company. It’s not worth wasting that energy on learning a big, bulky onboarding platform that you’ll never see again after week 1.

Like all of our other plugins, our aim is to be highly automated. After an initial setup of workflows / playbooks, new hire tasks are auto-assigned in Slack based on user groupings, locations, or departments. Reminders and check-ins are automatically sent and life is easy for admins / HR teams.

The plugin is live and already has dozens of customers using it, but it’s obviously still in a feedback phase. So we’re eager to hear what you all think!

– Kevin Corliss




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