SpyneAI’s Car Background Tool — Boost online car sales with AI generated backgrounds

Greetings Hunters & Makers!

I am Bhutani, a Cornell 18’ graduate , and I head the Product and Tech team at Spyne.

SpyneAI is our Computer Vision Lab and our core.

We focus on solving photography for online cataloguing/merchandising. Our tools are always end-to-end solutions, and we find great pride today in launching our Web solution for transforming Car images.

Some notable features that you will find nowhere else-

⭐Studio Backgrounds⭐

Many large online dealerships have a physical facility for your car photoshoot. That is their Moat, but no more – We have over 50+ studio backgrounds.

⭐Any Car⭐

Hatchback, Sedan, SUV or a Pickup truck – we cover everything. Simply use any car on any background and it works like magic!

⭐Fast Web Bulk Processing⭐

You have seen AI tools that do bulk processing but with an API, and you have witnessed tools that do Fast processing but for one image. We do fast & bulk processing entirely on our WebApp using the best of neural network architecture research.

⭐Shadows & Reflections⭐

Our AI has seen millions of car images and, over time, learnt how car shadows work; it creates accurate shadows and reflections given the lighting, which even a professional editor would find hard to

⭐Remove Background⭐

Is your car in front of other vehicles in a parking lot? Is your car in front of a tree? Our remove background algorithm is fine-tuned to car images, and we detect your car every time.

We promise you it will be the most exciting rest of the year for all you fantastic hunters out there as we release our tech for other categories like footwear, grocery and many many other categories!

Kudos to my team who worked 24*7 for the last few months to get this out-

It would mean the world if you could help us spread the word, and we’d love to hear your
feedback in the comment section.????

– Vaibhav Bhutani




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