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Today we are releasing our biggest update to Superlocal. We’re introducing both our Map and Geobadges in SF, LA, and NYC.

Superlocal exists to help us feel better connected to where we live, making us happier and more empathetic towards our community.

Our team believes that local social is the biggest unconquered opportunity in social. The local graph isn’t just a social graph that hasn’t yet been won, but it’s a graph that will also be positive for society as a whole.

The closest we’ve seen a social platform come to connecting people locally is Nextdoor. While Nextdoor claims to connect people with where they live, it is doing a very poor job connecting people in a meaningful and healthy way. You could argue that, while their product does get people nearby communicating more, it actually often drives people further apart. This is because nearly each time you open Nextdoor you see everything wrong with where you live. You almost exclusively see crime and safety-related posts, posts that dehumanize homeless people, and an increasing amount of political rants -  it makes you dislike and fear where you live.

Superlocal is meant to be the opposite of what Nextdoor has become. Superlocal exists to help you love where you live.

Here is how we are building a better, healthier local platform that has the potential to be much bigger and more beneficial for society than Nextdoor:
1. We’ve cracked how to build a positive, meaningful social app that actually connects you to the nearby by requiring every post to have a location tagged to it (a specific restaurant, cafe, bar, park, etc). Location tagging subconsciously emphasizes showing off all of the ways you are enjoying where you live.
2. We’ve taken this one step further by implimenting a rule tied to location tagging: you are only allowed to post at a place when you are actually at it. This constraint makes the content on Superlocal more casual and authentic.
3. You can follow people you know in other cities and towns. The decision to remove hard location boundaries stems from our team wanting the ability to stay connected to the places where we used to live; which feels particularly important with an increasing amount of people beginning to embrace a more nomadic lifestyle.

– Alex Kehr




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