Travel Guide in a nutshell — 30+ hours of travel research in a 10-minute brief

???? Hey Hunters,

We hope, this is the last Travel Guide you will ever need

✨ Why should you use it?
▪️ Ensure the best experience in every trip
▪️ Make travel planning easy and stress-free
▪️ Save time and money thanks to local insights

⚙️ How does it work?
▪️ We organize, maintain and synthesise collective knowledge of the traveller community
▪️ Every traveller can give suggestions and share the knowledge with others
▪️ The information is presented in a minimalistic and user-friendly way

????️‍♀️ What exactly will you find in the guide?
▪️ Touristic Savoir-Vivre: Always know how to behave abroad
▪️ Useful information: Never get caught off guard
▪️ Souvenirs: Find unique souvenirs for your loved ones
▪️ Packing insights: Stay confident throughout the entire journey
▪️ Food: Taste the local cuisine in your own style
▪️ Activities: Plan your trip with an interactive map
▪️ Accommodation: Learn what to watch out for
▪️ Transport: Hit the roads in the most efficient way

Currently, we have 19 countries and we’re planning to add more soon!

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Grab your lifetime license at $9.99 before the price goes ????

Thanks for your time and please let us know what we should improve!

Safe travels ❤️

– Pawel Lubiarz




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