UploadCV — You upload your CV & we match you to your perfect tech job

Hey folks ????!

I’m super excited to launch my first product today.

???? What is UploadCV?

It’s simple: You upload your CV, and our algorithm extracts your skills accordingly. Once this process is complete, we match your skills to new job offers and create a personal score for you. You then receive a daily email with the highest-scoring job offers.

???? Why do you need it?

*Higher Acceptance Rate: We use the same algorithms as hiring tools. Our scoring process tells you how your profile matches the offer.

*Save Time – Up to 80%!: No more daily job searches. Our algorithm matches new jobs with your CV and delivers them to your inbox. We also apply for you, if needed.

*200+ New Daily Job Offers: All come from top tech job listing platforms. You will receive high-quality job offers, delivered straight to your inbox on a daily basis.

????Five things I learned while building UploadCV:

1. You can learn UI design in fewer than 10 weeks. I’m full-stack dev without prior design experience and crafted the UploadCV UI design.

2. You can run sophisticated ML algorithms on AWS Lambda in Docker. It works like a charm and is the easiest way to run containers.

3. Front-end frameworks are not required. JS has lifted its standard to a solid level where smaller projects do not dictate this.

4. Don’t overcomplicate the process. I have skipped CI/CD and all the other goodies. Now, I’m trying to work backward from prod to dev., thus saving time.

5. Reduce features to survive. Many startups fail because they don’t release a working product. It’s happened to me a couple of times, but I learned from it.

Hey, before you go, please give us some love ❤️

– Dimi Tarasowski




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